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Our Retouching Skills

Posted by Ryan Watts on 22/04/2015

Here’s a strong image we produced recently, thanks to some expert in-house retouching. Isis, our client, created the concept of “puzzling cases”, asking us to help communicate – among other things - their professional approach and top level service.

In creating this image, we photographed a completed Rubik’s cube, before altering the colours of particular squares and tweaking the squares on which the model painters are working, to give the appearance of a work-in-progress. The painter working on top of the Rubik’s cube was added in post-production for a neater final image, while the models themselves were digitally altered a little to ensure a clean and flawless finish. The models themselves would be proud…

It’s a good concept. The final image is striking, good-humoured and communicates our client’s message effectively - executed very well by Annie, our retoucher.


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