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Assisting Photographers

Posted by Ryan Watts on 14/09/2012

This photograph is precisely what it looks like: Jamie, assistant to Mike Harrington, checking photographs during a location shoot earlier this week. He's checking them for sharpness, to ensure that each photograph is at its best as the shoot progresses, eliminating errors on the go.

A good assistant is invaluable during a shoot. Constantly thinking ahead, preparing for the next stage of the shoot while paying attention to the present, helping to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Such mental agility is a real skill, for which assistants sometimes receive little credit.

We've said before that the key elements of assisting are to work efficiently and to be willing to help and to learn in all areas of the job. Sometimes the job involves tidying up and washing up coffee mugs. Sometimes it involves organising models. And sometimes it involves setting up thousands of pounds' worth of equipment. Anything, in short, which minimises fuss over the course of a shoot.

As you can see, the willingness to compromise oneself in front of the photographer's iPhone also helps. How very appreciative, Mike.


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