Jewellery Photography

Packshot on 12/09/2014

Jewellery is always a big test for product photographers. Because the products are intended for a high-end market, The usual considerations – composition, accuracy of colours, retouching – get scrutinised more heavily than with many other products, so the slightest of imperfections in the image can be picked up easily – and often are.

Additionally, because the products are usually so small, lighting can be a very intricate task as the photographer seeks to highlight the crucial features of the item. Reflections are also, of course, a no-no. It’s real high-end stuff, and doing it properly requires a great deal of patience and expertise on the part of the photographer and the retoucher, both of whom are heavily involved in the process.

We know about this at The Packshot People – because we’re used to doing it. We specialise in the intricacies of product photography, and we’ve been very proud of some of the work that we’ve done recently. Such as this, for jewellery company Clear Crystal, which tested all of our skills.

If you think we can do a job for you, do get in touch.

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