Just Brazils

Packshot on 08/01/2010

The company responsible for ‘Just Brazils’ are looking to redesign their packaging and they asked us to shoot the chocolates for the front of it.

They required one whole brazil nut alongside another one halved. Seemingly fairly simple, but there is always more to product photography than meets the eye! The first task was to achieve the perfect cut. For this we devised that an old fashioned razor blade would be the best idea and heating it up in a mug of boiling water prior to cutting seemed to render the best results. Next up was to find the perfect whole brazil nut. This involved sifting through eight boxes of them and allowing all the ‘ugly’ ones to be eaten, which no one is going to grumble at!! We could now set about photographing them. The client wanted them to have a clear reflection and it was soon concluded that it would be a better, more pristine reflection if we had the ‘photoshop ninja’ (or the re-toucher we use) to put it in afterwards. Once the milk chocolate ones were shot and ready to be sent off to her, with many consumed along the way, it was time to start the process again on the dark chocolate ones, which taste even better!!

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