The Fabulous Fleece Company

Helping a country lifestyle company convey it’s unique brand and products


The Problem

The owner of the The Fablulous Fleece Compnay had spent a long time working with horses and wanted a change of direction. Starting up the business with only £15, it was her intention to create rugs, bedding, hats, gloves and bags from animal by-products.

She was determined to create a specific look for her brand, encompassing rustic, artesian, and North Norfolk farmhouse themes, establishing a traditional English identity


The Solution  

Locations were selected as the backdrop for the photos, chosen on their looks and atmosphere to lend a comfortable warm ambience to the images.

Lighting was the main concern, as many of these locations were dusty and dark, requiring us to capture a delicate balance of illumination to keep the natural feel whilst still providing enough clarity to place the products at the front and centre of the image.


The Result

The Fabulous Fleece Company has now been featured in many lifestyle magazines. Our creative images have helped to promote the brand in editorial articles – which is uncommon in the industry as most publications prefer to generate their own product shots.

These images have also helped potential customers understand the value and personality of Fabulous Fleece’s products and the business is now thriving operating through an online-only outlet.

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