Packshot on 14/10/2011

We recently worked for Barclays on a commercial campaign for which – once again – we were handed responsibility for sourcing our own locations and models.

As the concepts for the campaign had already been signed off, our task for the shoot was to stick as closely to the brief as possible, while still aiming to make improvements where necessary, enhancing the quality of the final images at each stage. Conveying the concepts accurately was the important element of our work, so we endeavoured to create images which looked as natural as possible.

As you can see, we achieved some very realistic results. Leicestershire was the location for the top image beneath this article, which is actually a composite of four different photographs. From the visuals we received (the bottom image), the original idea was to photograph in Scotland, although we eventually decided that we could fulfil the brief while staying a little more local. The locations – in this case Rutland Water, although we also photographed at Norwich Airport and Dunston Hall – were chosen by Mike, based on his prior experience on shoots. (He also, by the way, recommends using Google Earth as a very basic tool for scouting locations within the studio…)

The model, Lucia, was photographed in Mike’s studio, which was set up to complement the lighting from the location shoot itself, and professionally edited into the image. The result is a natural, realistic, bright, optimistic image which suits the message of the campaign perfectly. Everyone is happy.


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