Set the Scene with Creative Photography

Create context and character for your products by making them into the star of their own show

Ignite your buyer’s imagination by placing your product in a stylistic environment to demonstrate flexibility and boost visual appeal.

Why Choose the Packshot People?

  • Industry leading experience – photographic lead with 10 years’ experience at Getty Images
  • Cohesive Approach – keeping your creative images consistent with your packshots
  • 48 Hour Turnaround – photos when you need them most
  • Fast Online Access – digitally delivered shots ready to use

And Why Creative Photography 

  • Generates engagement – creative photography harnesses interest
  • Provides a platform – showing how products can add to a buyer’s personal style
  • Increases sales – by helping potential buyers visualise your product in their life
  • Establishes difference – making your products stand out from the crowd
  • Show off the character – of your brand with consistent visual themes

One of the key stages in buying is imagination. An audience needs to visualise how your products could potentially integrate with their own lifestyle to increase want. This could be from a purely functional viewpoint, demonstrating utility or an aesthetic platform exhibiting luxury. Often the context is obvious, but the execution is where the Packshot People stand out.

How does it work?

Our expert photographers work with you to understand the constraints of your buyer profile together with the character of your product. Through developing a clear identity for your product, we can then compose a several potential scenarios that allow its personality to come to life. It’s this vital blend of character and environment that excites the buying instinct.

Our Creative Photography Service

How far do you want to go? Utilise our in-house talent that’s been honed by thousands of hours behind the camera, come up with your own confident visual concepts, or even take a little of each approach. We’re adaptive enough to understand the heart and soul of your brief and assist you in transforming the right ideas into business-winning visual productions.

The Packshot Promise

Take advantage of our account managed approach, where our skilful photographers ensure your pictures have the cohesive, structured appearance to meet the expectations of your product marketing.

We understand that product photography has to be a tool to aid buying – and a commercial focus is built into everything we do. Whether you want us to work to an exacting brief or you’re open to new ideas, we give you the photos that sell.

Our process is simple

  • Complete your online photo brief

    Step 1

    Complete your online photo brief

  • We check it and send you a full quote

    Step 2

    We check it and send you a full quote

  • Loan us your products

    Step 3

    Loan us your products

  • We take the shots

    Step 4

    We take the shots

  • Review your images

    Step 5

    Review your images

  • We return your products

    Step 6

    We return your products

The art of showcasing must never be under-estimated. Create the perfect situation for your audience to fall in love, allowing their eyes and mind to seamlessly tumble into the essence and idea of your products, so it’s already belongs to them, even before they have pressed the buy button

Mike Harrington, Founder – Packshot People

We've worked with

Bayliss & Harding
Start Rite
Tropic Skincare

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What does it cost?

Photo costs:

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  • 1000+
  • £9.99
  • 500+
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  • 26 - 35
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  • 16 - 25
  • £21.99
  • 11 - 15
  • £23.99
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  • £30.99
  • 2 - 5
  • £39.99
  • 1
  • £64.99

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