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Sealskinz, legs and splashes

Posted by Miriam Howell on 25/09/2010

 When Sealskinz' agency first asked us to produce product photography of their waterproof socks we went on the search for the perfect legs to slip into them.  The legs were found at a gym in Norwich... where legs are often being shown off even if it is now winter already! So 'the legs' came in for a test shot... and all was approved by Sealskinz. The next stage was to photograph the legs with socks on... Sealskinz' waterproof socks. This was done in our Norwich based photographic studio. With just the bottoms of the shorts showing, legs bent and slightly on tip toe the position was to show the feet jumping into a puddle of water. The water was then shot separately, again in the studio. The splash was achieved by dropping a ball into a pool of water and capturing the splash at just the right moment. We then handed the two images over to our retoucher and she worked her magic comping them together so that the legs were jumping into a puddle creating a splash. Please see result below.


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