Packshot on 07/06/2010

This week we had three sets of products from Carpology delivered to our studio in Norwich. Carpology have been a long standing client of ours and are great to work with. Joe Wright, founder of the company, always supplies us with a very clear brief which helps us produce exactly what he is after. Have a look at Carpology’s website:

The first set of products to be photographed together (see photo featured) comprised of different sizes of 4 products. The client wanted these arranged in a portrait format on a shiny black surface with water drops on. First the black surface was put into place and water was dropped on. Then the product were carefully arranged and on and amongst the water trying our best not to get any water on the part of the product in view. It was not possible to photograph straight above as the black surface reflects everything above it, i.e. the camera itself would be in shot! We positioned a large black board above the surface so black would be reflected rather than the ceiling of the studio, the camera was then put into position and objects moved very slightly to perfect the arrangement.  The exposure was raised a touch on the Capture One software to enhance the appearance of the water drops.

The client was very pleased with the end result as the product were really ‘shown off’ by being photographed against the black backgound.

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