Farewell, Steve Jobs

Packshot on 25/08/2011

As Apple’s chief executive, Steve Jobs, officially stands down, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank him for his exceptional input. His company has led the way for an entire decade in producing elegant, innovative and intuitive computers, mobile phones and mp3 players which have, time and again, revolutionised the way in which millions of people use the internet.

To summarise: a decade ago, the iPod was a phenomenal achievement, allowing people to carry their entire music collection in their pocket. Many contemporary mp3 players measured their capacity in megabytes, not gigabytes. The technological leap forward was extraordinary. It would have remained impressive, even if Apple hadn’t built upon it. But they did. 4GB iPods became 64GB iPods, and technology was introduced which allowed surfing the internet and downloading music and games directly onto the device. Now, iPods operate like small computers, and have inspired the iPhone and the iPad, all of which allow users to do almost anything. You can watch television at the end of the garden, compose emails on the beach (if you must) and play computer games on the train that would once have stretched high specification computers. iPads are even replacing paper flight charts for airline pilots. Astonishing, when you think about it.

It has occasionally been said by photographers that the highest compliment to a good camera is that it “gets out of the way”. In other words, it minimises the barrier between the photographer and the photograph, allowing maximum flexibility. In computing terms, Apple under Steve Jobs have always strived to achieve a similar effect. Their computers are designed to connect, interact and do their job, with as little fuss as possible. In our experience, they do it.

Our Apple computers serve us well. In addition to their excellence when it comes to post-production, we’re able to have a computer connected directly to our studio camera, to which images transfer instantly, allowing us to judge our photographs as they are taken and improve them accordingly. It’s a real benefit – and our clients appreciate it as much as we do.

We wish Steve Jobs all the very best for the future, in his work and his health.

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