Fujifilm F300EXR Campaign

Packshot on 20/09/2010

We were asked by Fujifilm UK’s digital agency to photograph and collaborate with videographer, Paul Joy (www.pauljoy.com), to produce a 20 second video as part of an online advertising campaign. The idea of the video was to show Fujifilm’s new camera, the F300EXR, becoming a ‘Supermodel’ itself in our photographic studio.

With story boards in tow the agency and videographer turned up at our Norwich based Photographic studio ready to put the fantastic little camera in the spotlight. Working together with Paul Joy added another dimension to our product photography, being photographed whilst we photographed! We placed the camera on a reflective black surface and photographed it in five stages. For the first 3 stages we carefully added one light at a time, revealing more of the camera with each. Then for the final two stages the lens was opened and the flash popped up and flashed. The day in the studio resulted in a clean-cut video using a combination of our photographs and Paul’s footage of us setting up the studio and other such studio scenarios. Have a look below at the final outcome.


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