Get Your Ideas Racing!

Packshot on 29/10/2010

With the Olympic Games coming to London in only 637 days (670 days until the Paralympic Games)… let’s get our thinking caps on how we can use this to our benefit! The count down has already begun so all things Olympics will start popping up everywhere especially in advertising. We soon won’t be able to escape the runners, swimmers, cyclists, basketballers, canoeists, gymnasts, sailors, boxer and many more, on our TVs, magazines, newspapers, radios and billboards! So if we can’t beat them (which I am far from doing!) let’s join them! We have got into full swing of our own sport, photography, and started to photograph athletes at the peak of there game. These will be sold on Getty Images online stock library and could be used to illustrate a number of conceptual ideas, including; fitness, speed, health and competition, all used in many advertising campaigns. So get thinking how you can put yourself amongst the winners. (search for photographer Mike Harrington)

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