Olympics 2012

Packshot on 03/08/2012

Following last week’s feature on photographer Mike Powell’s work at previous Olympic Games, we’ve been looking through the best photographs from the first week in London. Naturally, there are some strong contenders.

First up is the Telegraph’s image of kayak gold medallist Emilie Fer, her paddles a frenetic blur as she races ahead at Eton Dorney in Buckinghamshire. Other photographers at the Games have often preferred to freeze-frame churned-up water in their
shots, but this photographer has produced an appealing longer exposure to accentuate the athlete’s movement and the rapid flow of water. Lovely.

Next up, we’ve chosen judo silver medallist Gemma Gibbons, in a photograph which neatly captures the euphoria of her quarter-final victory. In contrast to the first image, Gibbons’ expression is frozen in time here, her jubilation isolated from that of the surrounding crowd as her hard preparation pays off.

Appreciating gymnastics is never difficult. All you need to do is imagine your own body achieving the positions you see on your screens and in your newspapers. As the Telegraph’s caption states, most of us could achieve this pose. We just couldn’t avoid getting hurt.

While we’re on the subject of pain, take a look at this photograph, of a dominant Anthony Agogo in action against Ukrainian opponent Levgen Khytrov. The physical exertion is
apparent in both boxers, but what really makes this photograph is the mental fortitude etched into Agogo’s face. A superb capture.

Finally, this photograph of Great Britain’s basketball team is an excellent composition, illustrating the urgency of both attack and defence during a match against Brazil.

It’s been a dramatic opening week of Olympic action, I’m sure you’ll agree. Enjoy the accompanying festival of sports photography.

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