Range Rover

Packshot on 09/02/2012

Imagine a scenario in which you are matching brands to products with me.

“Range Rover.”

“Range Rover.”

“Range Rover.”

By this stage, you are baffled to think that you ever deemed me worthy of conversation. One last try.

“Key rings!”

Here, you give up. You decline to participate further, and you grumble a complaint about my refusal to take the game seriously.

Before you reach for your coat, though, I reach for my laptop, and show you what we’ve been photographing recently. Range Rover themed cufflinks, wallets, sunglasses and key rings. All part of The Range Rover Collection. Even with these diverse accessories, our task remained to reflect the company’s status as one of the UK’s leading four-wheel drive companies. Known for their precision and attention to detail, these qualities were also essential to us, particularly in the matter of making the logo stand out. We feel that we did well here.

I’ll claim my four points in our game, while we’re at it. Thank you very much.

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