Packshot on 15/03/2013

We’ve got a mouthwatering shoot lined up this month, set around the theme of sustainability and urban life. There’s only so much we can say about it at the moment, but our idea is to capture realistic scenes as far as possible.

As with some of our previous shoots with Getty Images, we’ll be aiming for a loose, relaxed atmosphere, with street cast models dressed in modern, informal clothing. This is down to the success, in recent years, of personalities with an air of normality about them, such as Jamie Oliver. So casual shirts, jeans, ear-rings and tattoos are in.

We’ll be hiring a rooftop garden in the centre of London, with no expense spared to get it looking in good shape, considering that we’ll be shooting in early spring – far from the ideal summertime. Given our climate in the UK, the only real option is to use some artificial plants. So we’ll be hiring them from a company better known for decorating film sets. Doing our best. And we’ll be spending a whole day before the shoot getting the roof garden ready.

It should be good. Given the number of ideas we’ve come up with, it will be a twelve-hour day, so we’ll have to be very well prepared. But we’re really looking forward to it.

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