The Invisible Mannequin

Packshot on 27/10/2010

At the Packshot People, invisible mannequins are becoming increasingly more helpful to our work. Shooting clothing on invisible mannequins allows us to minimise our editing in post-production, shooting the items almost exactly as they are.

In product photography, attention to detail is paramount. Each product requires little physical manipulations to get it looking just right – clips and pins in the right places – it’s a big part of the skill of the job. It frequently becomes the most time-consuming element of a shoot, so it is very important to get shots right at the time of shooting. Invisible mannequins stay still and retain the small alterations made to the clothes they model.

Being able to get everything right first time means that we only have to do a little retouching around the neck for many of our shots, to cut the top of the mannequin out, allowing us to get on with the next shots, and even the next jobs, more quickly and efficiently.


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