Women in Photography

Packshot on 18/05/2012

Following up our recent blog on the Firecracker project supporting women in photography, we’re taking another look at some prominent photographers with strong portfolios. (Interestingly, one of Maja Daniels‘ photographs is currently publicising the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition – so hats off to her and to everyone at Firecracker on a fabulous achievement.)

One strong photographer is Julia Fullerton-Batten, one of the most imaginative, stylish and accomplished contemporary photographers to be found anywhere worldwide. Neatly combining starkness with subtlety, and initial simplicity with conceptual complexity, all carried out with acute technical expertise, her work is always lively and – crucially – engaging. Her work deserves to be, and ought to be, an inspiration for up-and-coming photographers, so a thorough look around her website is highly recommended.

Another photographer to note is Tara Moore, based in London and currently producing some arresting images as part of a series called “Jump”, using smokebombs to inject further dynamism into already impressive photographs. One of them – my personal favourite – has been selected for this year’s Creative Review Photography Annual, so congratulations are due there.

If there was a time when women photographers struggled to find attention, those days appear to be coming to an end. With strong photographers consistently coming through, and industry professionals increasingly willing to offer a helping hand, it is hoped that more and more women will forge successful careers for themselves in photography in years to come.

Additionally, our photographer Mike Harrington, a former lecturer at Norwich University College of the Arts, observed that his courses – in recent years – have become increasingly popular among young women. Photography remains a palpably male-dominated industry, but there are signs of a shift away from this in the next generation of photographers. We like to think that this change will, eventually, alter the mould of the whole profession. And we look forward to it.

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