Virgin MoneyGiving campaign

Packshot on 25/04/2013

Sometimes our work takes us out of the studio, and out of the world of product photography. Virgin hired us recently for their MoneyGiving campaign, which aims to highlight the not-for-profit aspect of their work.

Fundraising websites typically take around 2-5% of each donation to cover operating costs and to fund their own growth and innovation. Virgin charge a flat fee of 2%, simply to cover themselves. Considering the additional money that they generate through the extra convenience of donating money online, this is a very good deal for charities.

We photographed a few of this year’s London Marathon runners as part of the campaign, travelling to the capital to do so. We worked with Emma, Sue and Justin, who all have their own motives for fundraising, but are all doing so for Run For It – a collaboration between YouthNet and Age UKwhich encourages older people to make better use of the internet, and younger people to help them do so.

We thought we’d show you some of these images in the context of the campaigns. It helps to show how we design our work to fit with the graphics, the copy and the rest of the brief.

Significantly, we used real marathon runners for the campaign, and we used a variety of age groups too, to give it a sense of character and equality. As the London Marathon is an event for all sections of society, it was important that our images reflected that. So we chose participants from various generations and backgrounds. Emma lives in London, Sue in Gloucester and Justin in Norwich. A good blend, then, for a successful campaign.

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