Integrated Production Shoots

Packshot on 01/07/2011

Whenever we get the opportunity, we enjoy organising integrated productions with clients, in which we take responsibility for the entire production process from start to finish.

Working from a brief, by working in this way we are able to draw upon our wealth of experience in arranging the best shooting locations and organising the most effective lighting set-ups, as well as recommending and finding models as desired and drafting a fully integrated production schedule, the aim of which is to keep clients fully informed of what is happening at each stage of the process.

We find that integrated projects such as these afford us the advantage of greater awareness of technical issues throughout the process, allowing us to anticipate, avoid and resolve any difficulties that might arise with greater speed than might otherwise be possible. A further benefit of our years of experience in advertising photography is that we have developed a firm idea of how long each particular shot takes to set up, which allows us to time our projects accurately – minimising the cost to our clients in the process.

For achieving maximum efficiency, this way of working is superb. Our current fully integrated production shoot is with Fuji, and we have also recently worked on an advertising shoot in the same manner with Aviva, of which we are very proud. Have a look for yourself.

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