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Mike Harrington on 27/03/2019

Here at Packshot People we care deeply about the brands we work with and the ethos behind their products.

Recently we were excited to have the opportunity of working with Point 8 Percent, a small but highly innovative packaging company with a difference: all their products are sustainably sourced and easy on the environment. No plastic in sight.

It’s an ethos we share ourselves, and as the reduction of plastic use is a key theme in our own way of working and living, Packshot People was only too pleased to help.

Plastic waste campaigns have featured heavily in the media over recent years. Although plastic has traditionally offered various benefits to modern life, the material itself can take thousands of years to break down and degrade. Not only does it take up valuable (and expensive) landfill space, it’s impacting our oceans too.

But why does plastic use matter?

Because we only have one world – and time is running out. According to research by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, if we carry on down the current path there could be more plastic in the sea than fish, in terms of weight, by 2050. Not something to taken lightly.

Plastic in business

When it comes to business, plastic isn’t so fantastic after all. Thanks to both media coverage and celebrity engagement, public consciousness around issues of sustainability and waste reduction is increasing. The recyclability of single-use plastic cups at events for example, as well as plastic bags and food packaging, are all now much more likely to come under public scrutiny. Customers and event attendees are now wanting to know whether cups and packaging provided to them can be recycled. Additionally, waste is one of the most visible elements of the impact on our environment and therefore poor waste management risks damaging a company’s reputation.

When it comes to public events, many are held outside in the summer and it can be tricky to utilise reusable cups, particularly at temporary events providing alcohol. Sports events, street markets and music festivals are all places where avoiding the use of plastic cups is difficult, but problems also exist in places like restaurants and offices. Disposable cups take up a lot of space in bins and can mean extra litter for staff to deal with.

Managing waste is becoming ever more expensive. With landfill fees and waste collection prices on the rise, prudent businesses are already taking steps to reduce these costs. This is where companies like Point 8 Percent have been able to innovate with far more sustainable alternatives.

So what are the alternatives to plastic?

The issue of plastic pollution has arisen over the years from an increasingly disposable culture. As a society it is easy to become disconnected from our waste, especially as single use items are cheap and easy to come by. Thankfully there are now all sorts of plastic alternatives available, from plant-based or paper materials, to those that closely resemble plastic in look and feel. However, there are still plenty of things for a business to consider when changing their packaging, whether they’re substituting plastics with non-plastics, introducing recycled materials, exploring lightweight options, altering the design or attempting to reduce costs.

Choosing the right packaging is key to making sure products are delivered safely and securely. With things like hot drinks cups in particular, they must not only be strong but insulating too. Rigorously tested, high quality non-plastic cups and packaging is a highly viable alternative and an exciting step forward in the fight against plastic pollution across the globe.

In a perfect world all single use plastic would be a hazy memory of the distant past. But whilst we’re still not quite there yet, we are proud to be playing our part and wish Point 8 Percent the very best in their future innovations.

How Packshot People got involved

By taking amazing, highly professional images of Point 8 Percent’s products using the latest technology and cutting edge techniques – it’s what we do best!

Packshot photos are all about the product. Offering a consistent, industry standard look and versatile enough for use across all media channels, Packshots were ideal in getting across Point 8 Percent’s branding and message.

Why not check out our work on the Point 8 Percentwebsite and get on board today. If you see something you like and want to know more about Packshot People, drop us a line on 01603 628050 or email

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