Packshot on 03/06/2011

This week, we were commissioned to photograph a little gem of an innovation. We hear all the time about the versatility of Apple’s iPad, which seems to be used with increasing inventiveness each day, as sketchbooks for artists, as displays in medical care, or – this was the most intriguing example I could find – as flight planning devices for aircraft pilots. Our shoot was for a new product which allows the use of the iPad as a form of in-car entertainment. The SmileCase is designed to be safely attached to the headrest of any car seat, for hands-free viewing of anything the iPad can display, from episodes of children’s television shows to full-length films. Though it could evidently be of interest to anyone, it’s an excellent idea in particular for children with sticky fingers – from the parents of a child with sticky fingers:

“Armed with an iPad filled with Peppa Pig we set about creating a prototype case that would easily fit to any headrest with no fuss, while also keeping the shiny Apple device safe.”

Similar in-car entertainment usually comes at a high cost – anything between £170 and £700, to the best of my research. In contrast, anyone who already owns an iPad could create the experience for a little over £20. Additionally, the case is designed to allow in-car charging during use – it’s a very well thought out product. Have a look for yourself:

(May I also draw your attention to Kevin and Lindsay’s choice of language for their blog…)

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