Guaranteeing consistency across a huge product range


The Problem

Start-Rite were keen to forge a relationship with a responsive local company, as previous relationships with larger London agencies had suffered from high rates, slow delivery speeds and generic service. They wanted a more personalised relationship in the local community that could prioritise their needs.

And in terms of their commercial images, Start-Rite wanted a consistent look across their entire product range. With collections that can feature over 1000 products at any given moment, it was vital that the packshot profile could be recreated as new shoes need to be added to catalogues and websites.


The Solution

Our main concern was creating a single packshot profile that could be endlessly replicated. We already use an exacting method to capture clear, precise images, so how could we ensure that we were taking the same type of image over and over again?

We carefully recorded all the details of every image shoot using templates and documentation. Using this information we can re-create a seamless brand feel across all Start-Rite’s packshots for an entire range, regardless of the photographer placed on the project.


The Result

 We have now been partnering Start-Rite since 2017, shooting many batches of packshots to support their quarterly launches, taking photos of every single shoe.

Our images have helped increase revenues from online sales channels, which have traditionally proved challenging to the shoe industry.  Giving customers a real idea of the character and the feel of each shoe through clear images has allowed Start-Rite to succeed in this arena.

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