Bayliss & Harding

Realism through retouching


The Problem

The client trialled The Packshot People alongside several other agencies, as they needed shots that accurately captured the mixed materials included in their products, from flat cardboard to metallics and plastics.

The brief also required images of both packaged and unpackaged products, which had to be shot separately due to the reflective nature of the packaging materials.


The Solution

We found that many of the materials used in the composition of the products absorbed and reflected light to a different degree, making it difficult to create images that accurately captured each individual item’s look and feel.

In order to meet this challenge and produce eye-catching images, we had to extensively retouch each image to ensure that it represented a realistic portrayal of the subject matter.


The Result

 The introduction of a new range of product shots, supporting a revised marketing campaign, led to the business having one of the best performing years to date with overall worldwide sales of £60m.

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