Pan-AM (TCC)

Showing a product from every angle


The Problem

The client needed a clear, realistic and well-lit set of pictures of their bags. They wanted to give people an idea of the look and feel of the bags for flight purposes.


The Solution

All of our 360 degree photos are created by hand. We cannot retouch these images, which means that every single shot must be completed accurately in-camera.

To achieve a high quality outcome we gently rotated each bag by hand on a turntable, moving it slightly for each image. Before each shot was taken we checked the light from a number of angles. Although this can be a time-consuming process it guarantees a smooth, continuous look when the viewer is rotating the object.


The Result  

The final images show off the bags in all their glory. The 360 degree shots were used as part of a token promotion scheme that needed to sell the items as a desirable, jet-set lifestyle purchase for the prize catalogue.

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